About Western Gate Martial Arts

Welcome to Western Gate Martial Arts (WGMA). The studio is located at 1036 Weston Road, in Toronto (York), Ontario, Canada. Western Gate Martial Arts was founded by Mr. Greaves in 1997. As a student, he started his martial arts training with Master Leishman back in 1987. Mr. Greaves is an independent martial art instructor who…

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How to Proceed

How to Proceed “In context with martial preparation, every study, sub-study, lesson, and lesson step, serves as preparation for the next. Content taken out of context can be ambiguous at best. This is not to say that martial artists from other styles have to start at the beginning. They can start at any level they…

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At Western Gate Martial Arts our classes are segregated into the following categories; Children Classes Youth Classes Adult Classes It should be noted that all of our martial art classes have a maximum of twelve students. We believe that limiting the student class number to twelve contributes to a higher quality of instruction. For more…

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Learning Portal

Supporting Students – wherever they are. The White Lotus learning portal is a web based identity used to impart the ideologies, practices, and standards of the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat®. This library of White Lotus content provides Western Gate students with an equal opportunity to participate in a unique method of learning preparation,…

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At Western Gate Martial Arts workshops are conducted for the purpose of imparting the ideologies, practices, and standards associated with the White Lotus System’s unique method of martial preparation. For more information about these seminars contact Mr. Greaves at  416-760-7500.

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